About Baydo

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Baydo Properties

Baydo Properties holds Baydo’s rental real estate property, real estate investment trust company (REITs), while being the owner of Baydo rental properties. We intend to continue to invest and construct large-scale and high rise residential and commercial complexes.
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Baydo Development

Our in-house design department has extensive knowledge in the areas of architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural design.
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Baydo Construction

Baydo Construction teams are experienced in the construction of large-scale projects including multi-building apartment complexes and high-rise buildings.

Rite Choice Construction provides municipal earthwork services, water supply and drainage facilities; as well as paving, surveying and design consulting services.

A. Howden Construction provides all concrete services including foundations and prefabricated components.

Luna Metal Works Ltd. is a steel processing company, providing steel component processing services for large-scale and high-rise building steel structures.
Johnstone Exteriors Ltd. provides all exterior cladding including siding, soffit and fascia, steel roofing and custom cladding. See More Details